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  • Cyclon


    Manufactured from materials of exceptional purity, Cyclon batteries have been designed for longer life, greater reliability and to reduce the need for constant replacement.

  • Deka


    DEKA BATTERIES stands out as the largest and most modern independent manufacturer in the world. Developing and manufacturing batteries for a wide variety of applications

  • Deta


    The DETA battery brand has as its fundamental principles: innovation, quality and service. Success factors continue to resonate in Germany and Europe.

  • Dicar Power

    Dicar Power

    Provide your battery with reliable starting power in various situations thanks to DICAR starters. Buy now!

  • Exide


    Exide stands out as a leading global brand in the production and sale of batteries. Its "made in Europe" seal symbolizes the technological forefront and the highest level of quality, both for the replacement market and for the original equipment.

  • Fullriver


    Fullriver is a leading American manufacturer specializing in the production of sealed and maintenance-free AGM batteries. Actively participating in all stages of the manufacturing process, from initial conception to assembly according to rigorous technical specifications.

  • Fulmen


    Fulmen batteries are part of the Exide Technologies group, the world leader and official supplier of OEM automotive batteries to major automotive manufacturers.

    Fulmen batteries are equipped with a 3DX grid to ensure better long-term performance and longer life.

  • Genesis


    Genesis brand batteries, developed by Enersys, have been designed to address the unique challenges of energy storage in your industry. Thanks to "Pure Lead" technology, these high-performance batteries offer superior power with a reduced footprint.

  • Kronobat


    Kronobat batteries share the characteristics and performance of recognized brands such as Varta, Long, Exide, among others. They offer vibration resistance, long life and meet high quality standards, all at more affordable prices.

  • Long


    Kung Long company is the only specialized lead-acid battery manufacturer registered in Taiwan.

    The wide range of Long products offers a solution for every type of application

  • MK


    MK is the leading manufacturer of AGM and gel batteries for mobility vehicles worldwide.

  • Motobatt


    Motobatt is a Premium battery brand completely focused on the Powersport market, with more than 10 years of experience and official partner of Red Bull KTM.

  • Odyssey


    Due to their great resistance to vibrations, Odyssey batteries have been designed to meet the demands of modern vehicles, boats and equipment.

  • Optima


    Optima batteries use SPIRALCELL® technology, this innovative technology uses individual spiral cells with pure lead plates, specifically designed to provide maximum power, exceptional vibration resistance and superior durability.

  • Powersafe


    Powersafe brand batteries, developed by Enersys, are carefully designed to meet operational challenges such as high cyclic usage and the extreme ambient temperatures present in hybrid telecommunications sites.

  • Q-battery


    Qbatteries, a German manufacturer of lead-acid batteries with state-of-the-art production lines, synonymous with quality, offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

  • Ritar


    Ritar Power is a professional battery manufacturer listed on NASDAQ, specializing in the production of a wide variety of batteries covering technologies such as AGM, GEL, Lithium, among others.

  • Trojan


    World's leading manufacturer of deep cycle industrial batteries. It offers a wide range including liquid electrolyte, AGM and gel batteries, specifically designed to meet the most rigorous demands in the deep cycle battery space.

  • Tudor


    Tudor batteries are a reference in the Spanish battery market. Currently, they are part of the Exide Technologies Group, a global presence with a presence in more than 80 countries.

  • Varta


    Varta batteries are manufactured by the main global reference in the battery industry. If you are looking for a high-quality, reliable battery with a notable power capacity, do not hesitate: Varta batteries are the best choice.